(Allegories of Capital), 2008

An installation that considers the Modern Olympiad and its sequence of 30 host cities as historical and ideological constructions of a globalized culture industry. Three elements:

center of room: five 7-ft. corrugated cardboard rings represent the Olympic logo, not quite assembled

left wall: single b+w print based on Albrecht Durer's 1514 engraving Melencolia I

right wall: 30 color prints chronicle the games by presenting each host city's increasing use of visual merchandising, corporate branding, and commercial design

Installed at Soap Factory, MN to coincide with Beijing 2008 Games, curated by Ben Heywood; prints in "Mornings in Mexico", curated by Steven Lam and Tamar Guimares for the Third Guangzhou Triennial


waiting installation
waiting left wall
waiting right wall